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DynaCHARGE™Particulate Monitors​

The #1 Choice of Experienced End Users and OEMs.

End users choose DynaCHARGE™ over competing triboelectric and opacity monitors more than any other brand.

OEMs choose DynaCHARGE™ more than any other brand.


Particulate filtration systems, such as baghouses and cartridge dust collectors, are critical for industrial productivity and process control. They are equally important for employee health, plant safety, and compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.


FilterSense solutions help prevent excess emissions and process problems by providing reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early warning leak detection, better control, and real-time diagnostics of filtration systems. Improvements to operations and a fast return on investment are available through a range of benefits.


Our early warning leak detection help achieve the following


  • Identify the broken bag by row number or Module

  • Reduce incidents of high emissions

  • Prevent unforeseen downtime to maximize production

  • Prevent out-of-compliance emissions – avoiding fines and lawsuits




DynaCHARGE employs charge induction sensing.


An electrically isolated probe is inserted into a pipe/duct/stack.


Particles flowing over the probe induce a small amount of charge.


The charge flows through the measurement circuit to ground.


This Charge flow is a current in the picoamp range.


The induced charge is related to the mass of particulates.


The final output is linear and proportional to mass with reasonably

consistent process conditions and type of particulate.

Detection Levels/Categories

  • Correlated output in mg/m3

  • Relative mass monitoring

  • Leak analysis/detection (BLDS)


  • Low Maintenance

    • Typically maintenance free. 1/4th to 1/10th the maintenance of competing triboelectric and optical monitors.

  • Reliable

    • Available fully insulated probes prevent false alarms from moisture, corrosives, and most conductive particles – without air purge.

  • Durable

    • Sensors are free of electronics on most models (optional on all). Removing electronics from heat and vibration increases performance and life and also enables intrinsic safety approvals.

  • Stringent Quality

    • ISO 9001 certified design and manufacturing, accelerated life testing in the design stage (HALT), thermal stress testing prior to shipment, conformal coating circuits, and quality packaging further ensures reliability.

  • Easy to Use

    • Straightforward installation, no critical alignment (like optical monitors). Remote electronics provides safe, easy access.

    • Simple operation, the output is absolute and there are no confusing adjustments.

  • High Precision When You Need It

    • High-precision options provide superior low-level detection (<1mg/m3) and high linearity to EN 15267 QAL accuracy and reliability standards.



DynaCHARGE™ models are available for all categories of EPA PM CEMS, Filter Performance Monitoring and Leak Detection Compliance (output in mg/m3, relative mass monitoring, and leak alarming).

Application Notes
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