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Key Features of RABH Bags for Reverse Air Baghouse

RABH is a bag filter most widely used in Cement, Ferroalloy, and other industries to control emissions. The specification of these bags is “340 gsm Acid Resistant Finish Fiberglass with PTFE Membrane”. These bags can handle the continuous service temperature of 260 deg cel and a peak temperature of 280 deg cel for short time.

In RABH, the bags are clamped on thimbles at the bottom of RABH by T-Bolt and hanged to the J-Hook assembly at the top of RABH by D-cap and are constantly maintained under proper tension. Dust-laden gases enter these bags from the hopper and the dust is collected on the inside of the bags where the PTFE membrane is laminated i.e Internal filtration. RABH consists of a number of modules that are under the continuous operation of filtration. Each module has two main dampers: the main damper(which causes suction/filtration) and an RA damper (which Causes bag cleaning). The PLC system activates the bag cleaning when the baghouse DP reaches a certain level. During the cleaning, each module is isolated or taken out of service and clean hot air is injected by means of an RA damper which pressurizes the chamber. This allows RA bags to collapse and the dust cake inside the bag falls down inside the hopper. Complete collapse of the bags is avoided by means of anti-collapsible rings. After this, the module is taken back online and the next module is cleaned. This way, all the modules are cleaned till the desired Baghouse DP reaches. Maxtech can help you with the following:

>Bag Design and media selection support >Pre-Installation checks >Installation and commissioning supervision >Fluorescent leakage testing >Bag Cleaning system optimization to improve the bag life >Training for maintenance and cleaning system optimization >Remaining bag life analysis (Lab) >Troubleshooting support (On-site visit if needed) >Bag failure analysis for Root cause determination (Lab) MaxTech Industries has vast knowledge in dry filtration and we can help you to solve your problem. You can reach me at


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