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FilterSense Broken Bag Leak Detection System: Maxtech 1st Installation in India

Maxtech has tied up FilterSense to introduce this new cutting edge technology to help the plant to meet stringent compliance standard. we have completed the first FilterSensePM 100 installation in 2018 at Hindalco Mahan Aluminium at Singrauli, MP.

The plant has 32 compartment GCP, with 19,200 individual filter bags, one of Asia’s largest Pulse Jet baghouse.

The aluminum production process by electrolysis requires fresh and fluorinated alumina. To this extent, the Gas Treatment Centers (GTCs) have two core functions:

  • To treat pollutants emitted by electrolysis pots, via the adsorption process of fluorine by alumina

  • To supply fluorinated alumina for reinjection in electrolysis pots

As the design emission is below 5 mg/Nm3. One of the biggest challenge is to identify the leaking filter bag out of 19200 bags and prevent loss of alumina.

Probes were installed in front of each compartment to ensure zero mixing with other modules.

Detailed analysis and rigorous efforts were applied while setting Trigger value in picoampere (pA) and Delay time in seconds.

A significant rise in baseline emission was observed after putting the broken bag into one of the compartment as shown in the below trend.

Maxtech was successfully able to demonstrate identification Filter leaks to the client.

India’s Industrial sector is on steady growth, with industrial expansion emission norms are becoming more stringent due to the rising pollution level.

Identification of Filter bag leaks has always been a cumbersome process. conventionally it’s time-consuming to locate leaking filter bag, especially in case of large baghouses with multiple compartments.

Auburn FilterSense LLC advance leak detection systems enable the plant to identify and locate developing filter leaks at initials stage, provides maintenance team sufficient time to plan shutdown and take preventive measures to avoid high emission incidents.

Undetected Filter Leaks can cause:

  • Emissions + Regulatory Fines

  • Damage Downstream (Vaccum Pump in Power plants)

  • Unforeseen Downtime

  • Product Loss

  • Unhappy Neighbors

  • Reduced bag life


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