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Membrane Quality Parameters

Some of the parameters that can help predict the performance of the PTFE membrane filter bags in the field are:

  1. Membrane strength (psi)

  2. Filtration efficiency (for different particle size and shape)

  3. Permeability of the membrane and laminate o Flex durability of the laminate (MIT Flex cycles)

  4. Ease of clean-ability (pulse pressure)

  5. Permeability over time (Change in pressure drop with time)

  6. Laminate strength (Mullen’s strength)

  7. Type of sewing thread used and its properties

From various porosity membranes, a membrane should be selected such that the particle size, particle shape, bulk density, agglomerativeness, cleaning cycle parameters, or inlet dust loading does not affect filtration efficiency of the membrane, for the given application.

However, even if one data sheet match up with a set of parameters as specification,The best way to evaluate different filter bags is to check the performance of the filter bags in an actual production environment, where the stresses are more realistic, comparing performance of one filter bag to another in the same bag house or very similar application at a cement plant.

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