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Zinc Smelter

Zinc smelting and product recovery are challenging applications because of the chemical makeup of the gas stream, temperature excursions, and characteristics of particles and dust cake. One will find that zinc oxide processes demand premium filter media and finishes. Shaker, pulse-jet, and shake-deflate are common in most Zinc plants. Environmental control and process control are equally important, so this industry invests a great deal of capital to attain the best results

Operating Conditions

Below is a partial list of bag filter applications.

  • Smelting

  • Process recovery

  • Transfer pick-up

Combustion air is drawn down through the conveyor, and impurities such as lead, cadmium, and halides in the sinter feed are driven off and collected in a bag filter

  • Dust To be handled: 

  • Nature of dust: Fine, free-flowing, mildly abrasive

  • Cleaning Mode: Offline or Online

  • Design Gas temperature: 

  • Design Surge Temperature: 

  • Dust Load: 


Case Studies

Filter Media Selection


UltraTech Cement Ltd



Nuvoco Vista Corp Ltd

Mehta Group of Companies

Zauri Cement

Dalmia Bharat

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