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Pigment Manufacturing

Pigments provide the coating with colour, opacity, and a degree of durability. Pigmented coatings are more weather resistant than unpigmented paints. In the case of metal primers, pigments are used to check or inhibit corrosion of the metal. Pigments may be either organic or inorganic. Almost all of the organic pigments used today are manufactured, while inorganic pigments may be either natural or manufactured. Most natural pigments are oxides or hydroxides of iron.

Operating Conditions


  • Dust To be handled: 

  • Nature of dust: 

  • Cleaning Mode: Offline or Online

  • Design Gas temperature: 

  • Design Surge Temperature: 

  • Dust Load: gm/Nm3



Filtering acts to screen out impurities (e.g., dust, gelled resin, and pigment aggregates) and to enhance the quality and uniformity of the product. In the case of media mills, filters prevent the grinding media from exiting the mill and entering shipment containers.

Case Studies

Filter Media Selection


Kali Pigment

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