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Titanium Dioxide 

Titanium Dioxide is a widely used white pigment & applied in the light, surface or sun protection. Paints, colours, plastic parts, textile fibres and cosmetics contain TiO2 as an essential ingredient to assure colour intensity, gloss or whiteness as well as protect against yellowing. 

Operating Data

    • Nature of dust: Sticky, extremely fine dust
    • Design Gas temperature: 240 degree Celsius or 180 Degree Celsius

    • Design Surge Temperature: 260 Degree Celsius or 200 Degree Celsius

    • Dust Load: 

    The two main types of TiO2 pigment manufacturing processes i.e., sulphate and chloride, the latter is the one where bag filters are employed. The first and most challenging bag filter in the process is the Oxidation Baghouse where a combination of high temperature, extremely fine TiO2 particles and chlorine gas as well as occasional tickle (TiCL4) slip are to be dealt with. 

FiberWhen To Use
Polyester with PTFE membrane Laminated 

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