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Reverse Air (RABH) Accessories

Reverse Air Bag (RABH) Tensioning Tool



Model Number Cylinder Height
Max – TT – 06-10 6 inch
Max – TT – 08-10 (common) 8 inch
Max – TT – 10-10 10 inch


*All tools will be supplied in a heavy duty briefcase with foam packing and 10 meters compressed air hose.

**Tensioning tool should be re-calibrated every 6 months (calibration charts will be supplied).

Improper tensioning is one of the main causes of bag failure in a reverse air baghouse. Excessive tensioning of the bag can lead to harmful stress on the filter fabric yarn and sewing threads and also prohibit necessary movement for the release of the dust cake. Whereas inadequate tension can cause the bags to excessively swing and damage due to bag to bag and bag to wall abrasion/collision. Also, the filtration capacity reduces. Correct bag tension is the single most parameter for good bag performance of RABH bags.



Model Number

Max – TT – 06-10, Max – TT – 08-10, Max – TT – 10-10

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