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  • PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) felt is an inert felt with excellent hydrophobic properties and resistance to chemical attacks along with a 260°C maximum service temperature.
  • PTFE felt is designed to easily handle extreme conditions like high acid gas concentrations (HCL, H2SO4, and HF), high humidity, and chemically aggressive operative conditions.
  • However PTFE is very expensive material, should only be used when everything else fails.
  • It has poor abrasion resistance hence a minimum of 20-vertical wire supported cage is recommended.
  • PTFE Felt with PTFE membrane lamination is also available to enhance filtration efficiency.
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Tensile StrengthAbrasion ResistanceAcid ResistanceAlkali ResistanceHydrolysis
Max Cont. Temperature


  • Medical, municipal, industrial, sewage sludge, biomass, and hospital waste incineration
  • Chemicals Processing: Dryer off gas filtration under chemically or thermally demanding conditions.
  • Titanium Oxide Production
  • Slica Production


Tensile Strength


Abrasion Resistance


Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance




Max Cont. Temperature