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Filter Cages

MSGI Filter Cage

  • Filter Cage Surface smoothness is an important parameter affecting bag life, especially in fiberglass filter bags, as due to repeated pulsing action weaves tends to get open each time it strikes sharp joints.
  • Maxtech ensures that all rings are grinded to smooth to remove any weld burrs to the extent that it is difficult to identify the joint location on the ring.
  • We can ensure +0, -1 mm diameter tolerance +0, -2 mm length tolerance and 10 mm verticality tolerance.
Material Design Top Design Wire Thickness
MSGI/HR Aluminum Painted Single/Multi Pieces Inverted “U” 3 to 4.5 mm




Materail of Construction

MSGI or HR Aluminum Painted


Single/Two or Three pieces split Joints

Top Design

Inverted "U"

Split Joint Type

Collar Joint
Claw Joint
Double Right

Wire Thickness

3 to 4.5 mm

Number of vertical wires

10, 12, 16, 20, 24

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