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Mr Dilip Sakhpara has inherited a deep sense for social commitment and has been donating generously to many causes through various trusts. He is serving as trustee in the following trusts :

1Vitrag Aradhna TrustHead Trustee
2Shree Rushabhdev Sthankwasi Jain TrustHead Trustee
3Shree Dungarpur Sasan Seva TrustHead Trustee

Mr. Jayantilal Sakhpara, father of Dilip Sakhpara, believed that it is each person’s obligation to contribute to the society. He started Vitrag Aradhna trust using his own family resources and family members as trustees more than 30 years ago. This trust was started with an aim to contribute to the society in all spheres of life such as food donation to needy, medicine supply to needy, the building of religious places to bring spiritual dimension in the community, protect and support the saints/sadhus in their activity of spreading the religious message.
Jayantibhai, at the age of 80 years, he embarked on the construction of a Jain center in Rajkot to achieve the above objectives of the trust he started. Jaynirmal Jain center with 10,000 sq. ft of space consisting of following facilities was completed in 2006 and handed over to another trust Shree Rushabhdev Sthanakwasi Jain trust to manage :

  • Upashrya with a total seating capacity of more than 500 persons
  • Ayambil Shala with kitchen and store room
  • To provide free lodging and boarding for needy school students
  • Paushdhshala
  • Jainshala to educate Jainism principles in children
  • Library
  • Medical Center to be added in future such as acupressure, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Yoga center, etc.

In April 2014, Gurukul project was started on a small scale for 25 students at jaynirmal Jain center ( see picture). To expand the capacity, gurukul project under Shree Dungarpur sasan seva trust is very actively looking for donations to build ideal gurukul in Rajkot to provide free lodging and boarding to more than 500 students. The project is estimated to require more than Rupees four to five crores.