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Raw Mill/ Kiln

This is the most important baghouse at any cement plant. High temperatures, combined with alkaline and acidic gases make the selection of the right filter media critical.


Maxtech has a large Kiln installation list and manufactures reverse air accessories in-house.

Operating Conditions

  • Dust To be handled: Kiln gases/raw mill gases

  • Nature of dust: Fine, free-flowing, mildly abrasive

  • Cleaning Mode: Offline or Online

  • Design Gas temperature: 240 degree Celsius

  • Design Surge Temperature: 260 Degree Celsius

  • Dust Load: 50-80 gm/Nm3



The raw mill grinds limestone, clay or shale into "Raw Mix"  which is then fed to kiln through preheater. As the mix travels through the kiln, its temperature rises gradually. Flue gas generated in pyroprocessing travels in a direction opposite to material flow. Kiln exit gases contain pollutants like SOx and NOx. At preheater outlet, flue gas temperature ranges around 350 Deg C and is brought down by inducing dilution air or water cooling.

Case Studies

Filter Media Selection


UltraTech Cement Ltd



Nuvoco Vista Corp Ltd

Mehta Group of Companies

Zauri Cement

Dalmia Bharat

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