Maxtech Industries

Carbon Black

Carbon black is majorly produced by the incomplete combustion of oils in refractory lined vessels in a process known as the oil furnace process.
It is a process-controlled industry and requires durable construction and efficient filter media. 

Bag filters play an important role in the overall production no matter what type of grade is produced. Technology advancements over the years have allowed plants to extend filter life while increasing production rates and decreasing equipment downtime.

Main Bag Filter

Type of Filters: Pulse Jet & Reverse Air
Design Temperature: 230 ~ 260℃
– Premature failure resulting in expensive downtime
– High Pressure Drop
– Failure due to chemical attack and temperature excursion
The use of membrane bags is a proven means of increasing bag life and reducing premature bag failures at the same time allowing for increased production rates.

Dryer Filter

Type of Filter: Pulse Jet 
Design Temperature: 190 ~ 260℃
– High moisture and acidic gases
– Oil exposure to the filter surface
– Failure due to chemical attack and temperature excursion
Downtime can be reduced and filter life can be increased by using 100% PTFE Felt bags in the dryer baghouse where the common operational issues are moisture, acid attack, and higher temperatures excursions

Filter Media750 gsm AR Fiberglass with Membrane100% PTFE Felt

When To UseIf the temperature is below 260 deg C and increased productivity and lower emissions are desired compared to non-membrane bags.Where the common operational issues are high moisture, acid attacks, and temperature excursions.