Maxtech Industries


The Aluminum industry is considered a process-controlled industry, but it is also heavily regulated for particulate emissions. Alumina dust is very fine and abrasive and requires state-of-the-art filter media. The industry spends a great deal of capital on baghouse maintenance and equipment that monitors baghouse performance.

Main applications are:

  1. Main Pot Room Baghouse (GTC)
  2. Carbon Anode Plant Bag Filters

Operating Data

  • Nature of dust: Fine, free-flowing, mildly abrasive
  • Cleaning Mode: Offline or Online
  • Design Gas temperature: 135 deg C
  • Design Surge Temperature: 150 deg 

Filter MediaPolyester FeltAcrylic Homopolymer Felt

When To UseThe quantity of alumina to be filtered is high and these bags get heavy hence the felt must have good mechanical resistance. Also, the temperature and humidity conditions generally let polyester fabric be used successfully.High moisture and temperature combination