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About Maxtech

A history of Maxtech starts with a history of Mr Dilip Sakhpara. He started work with W.L Gore & Associates in Delaware, USA in 1984. For 25 years, he was the division head for Industrial Dry Filtration (IDF) for the Indian sub-continent market. Mr Dilip was instrumental in bringing membrane filtration technology to India. He carried out India’s first ever installation of membrane bags at Saurashtra Cement in 1995. Soon thereafter in 1996, Ambuja Kodinar carries out an extensive 4-compartment trial to increase airflow through their baghouse. Slowly but surely, the entire cement kiln market converted to membrane filter bags within a few years. 

In 2014, Gore planned a change in their strategy for the Indian market. Mr Dilip founded Maxtech Industries out of W.L Gore-India’s IDF team. At the same time, Gore IDF division was dissolved and Maxtech bought out Creative Techno Solutions (CTS) and their manufacturing facilities which were then approved by Gore to convert Gore filter media into filter bags.


As a result, globally, Maxtech is the only company licensed to manufacture filter bags using filter media from Gore. We also manufacture filter bags from other filter media providers like Donaldson – USA, BHA – USA, and Testori – Italy.


Our Partners

Right outside Mumbai, in Vasai, Maxtech operates two manufacturing units; filter bags unit and Cages unit. In 2018, Maxtech expanded its filter cage manufacturing capabilities to 400 cages per shift. Maxtech offers a comprehensive filtration solution helping customers comply with regulations, as well as optimizing plant performance i.e., reduced emissions, power savings, enhance bag life, etc.. MaxTech’s core values lie in 

  • Technical Experience
    • We take great pride in over 40 years of technical experience at challenging applications.
      Our filter bags have demonstrated up to 14 years of bag life in Reverse Air and up to 7 years of bag life in Pulse Jet Bag Houses at critical applications in Cement, Chemicals, Energy, and Metals industry.
  • Accountability
    • By maintaining honesty and accountability, we have maintained rewarding and long-lasting relationships with our list of clientele.
  • Fitness for Use
    • With our “fitness for use” principle, we work in tandem with our customer to give them exactly what their requirements are, by matching the right application with the right product.
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